Dollhouse instructions get an upgrade

Dollhouse InstuctionsDollhouse Instructions always have room for improvement… until now!  Thanks to Ben Anderson, the instructions for the Orchid Dollhouse Kit and the Buttercup Dollhouse Kit are now fully illustrated! Ben contacted me when he was working on his Garfield Dollhouse with the idea of illustrating the building process.  He sent along some drawings that knocked our socks off.  After discussing his Garfield, Ben volunteered to move forward on a complete set of instructions, so I sent him out both the Buttercup and Orchid to choose from.  I guess Ben had a hard time deciding which one to work on, so he did both!  I am truly amazed at not only his drawings, but his generosity.  His hard work will no doubt benefit miniaturist for decades to come and he has made two great products even better. Greenleaf is forever grateful for his amazing contribution!

Greenleaf will be including Ben’s new instructions in the Orchid Dollhouse Kits starting with our next production run scheduled for next week… the Buttercup is soon to follow.  There’s no need to go out and buy an new kit, because Ben provided the instructions in PDF format and they are available at the Greenleaf Miniature Community Download Area.  You will also find a copy of the Greenleaf Warm-up which is a starter sheet included in all our kits.  This tip sheet was also converted by Ben.

Thanks again Ben!

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  1. Well, having had a good look through the new schematics (and I don’t even own any of these houses just yet…) I feel very enticed getting them to try my hands building them after the read!
    Thank you for these, they will be helpfull I am sure!

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